In 1996 I entered the IT world as a web developer.  I found the Internet interesting, and wanted to learn how it worked. I honed my skills as a developer, then programmer, mostly in the Microsoft ecosystem. In 2000, I became immersed in Microsoft’s Dot Net Framework and started programming web and windows applications in C# (C Sharp).  Shortly after that it became very obvious (at least to me) that we were living in a “data-centric” world, that database administration would have exponential growth, and be a position will suited to my personality.

I am currently a Senior Database Administrator / Architect at a policy research firm in Princeton, NJ.  In the Summer of 2012 I started a PowerShell Users Group at work. In the Summer of 2014, I started a public group called NJPowerShell which has become one of the more active and well known groups in the world.

I enjoy learning and teaching others so the next natural progression was to blog about Technology, specifically PowerShell.

Keep moving forward,

Jeff Langdon
Twitter: @jlangdon